We are happy to announce that AppointFox v1.5 is finally available.

Version 1.5 of AppointFox features a complete range of service’s duration from hourly to daily to cater for various services requirements. This version also include a number of bugs fixes as well as new features.

Please be aware of some profound changes as per below:

  • Added new settings – Sender email
  • Added new settings – Admin email
  • Added ability to turn off selected email notification
  • Added new email notification template – Notify Admin on Appointment confirmation
  • Added new email notification template – Notify Staff and Admin on Payment Paid
  • Fixed note index not found error
  • Fixed hide price wrong display
  • Added 45 min, 75 min and 1.5 hour service duration
  • Removed reference to URL: http://neptuneplugins.com/ to remove Google dangerous security warning
  • Added allDay slot to fullcalendar setting
  • Added appointment calendar’s default view
  • Added more service’s duration (5,6,7,8..12hrs…2,3,4…7days)
  • Hide payment status when a service’s set to hide price in admin appointment’s calendar view page
  • Changed is_free to is_show_price
  • Added is_show_duration setting in service page
  • Changed fullcalendar height to 650px
  • Added main header and sub header in settings page (Client’s page)
  • Added active text next to service item list

The updates is available now in your WordPress plugin page. Enjoy!

Thank you for your support.