Today marked another milestone for our AppointFox plugin, yey we have successfully migrated our entire multisite to a new domain name today:

Actually, we wanted to do this about 3-4 months ago but it never happens due to a mental block that holds us from executing the migration tasks. We keep thinking that migration is a complex and tedious task that will take a lot of our time. But it is not true, once we completed those tasks, we realized that it only takes 2-3 hours to do the entire migration tasks.

Below are the steps we took to migration our WordPress multisite to a new domain:

  1. Copy the entire website’s folder to a new folder
  2. Export the website’s database into a SQL file
  3. Replace all old domain in the SQL file to a new domain
  4. Create a new database and import the amended SQL file
  5. Update the WordPress config file (wp-config.php) with the newly created database and new domain
  6. Test
  7. Make permanent 301 using .htaccess in the old domain’s root folder to redirect all traffic to the new domain

That’s it, our new domain is live now.